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DataView vs. DataTable

Yes, I still pull my hair out over DataView versus DataTable every once in a while. using System;using System.Collections;using System.Data; public class MyTestClass{ public static void Main() { DataTable dt = new DataTable(); try { DataColumn col1 = new DataColumn(); … Continue reading

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Comcast and Optimum Online Intentional Outage Victim

It appears that I am once again an “intentional” outage victim. My Optimum Online broadband went out last night around 7 PM. I double checked the cable modem’s Coax and Cat5 inputs… there was no apparent problem. I even inspected … Continue reading

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Visual Source Safe 2005 Beta

As soon as I have time to download Visual Source Safe 2005 Beta I am going to install it ASAP. Some of the new features include: Web Service Configuration, Remote Access via HTTP, Performance Improvements, Globalization, Visual Studio Integration: Rename/Deletes, … Continue reading

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.NET Remoting Events: Server to Client(s)

I ported Sathish’s code from VB.NET to C#. Pretty straight forward. His article is located here. Download the updated source code here. If you leave the application running for ten minutes… come back… and try to send a message via … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office Live Meeting Conference

Today I used Microsoft’s Office Live Meeting for the first time through MCI. I telecommute and its a great tool. The phone and desktop presentation are integrated and work rather well.

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ImageGlue & ABCpdf

At my current consulting gig we are heavily using ImageGlue .NET and ABCpdf .NET developed by webSupergoo. Zero complaints… aside from the usual… “I wish it was faster, smaller, and does everything that I want it to.”

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