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Printing a Remote Document or Url Using C#

The following code enables a local machine to print a remote document or Url. One example would be a desktop application that needs to print a remote PDF or a Html producing web page. The simple example downloads the file … Continue reading

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Accessing iTunes With C#

The following example dumps your entire iTunes library to the console. You need to reference the COM iTunes 1.2 Type library. Currently I am running iTunes version using System;namespace PlayListExample{class CMain{[STAThread]static void Main(string[] args){iTunesLib.IiTunes app = null;try{app = new … Continue reading

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Parsing dBase .DBF to .CSV Using C# and VB.NET

Per a New Jersey Microsoft Developer’s Group message board request I created a sample console application that parses a .DBF file and creates an Excel usable .CSV file. Zero magic if you take advantage of the System.Data.Odbc namespace. The command … Continue reading

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