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Visual Studio 2005 on Mac OS X

Utilizing Parallels 3.0 I am able to run Visual Studio 2005 on my Macbook (Mac OS X). Parallels Coherence makes it seem that I am running Visual Studio right inside my Mac desktop window instead of a separate virtualized … Continue reading

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Uninstall Mono on Mac OS X

To uninstall Mono on OS X utilize the script. Where is it? How do you get it? Utilize Finder to browse to /Library/Receipts. View the package contents of Contents/Resources/MonoFramework.pkg. Drag a copy of to the desktop. Open a … Continue reading

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Accessing iTunes With C#

The following example dumps your entire iTunes library to the console. You need to reference the COM iTunes 1.2 Type library. Currently I am running iTunes version using System;namespace PlayListExample{class CMain{[STAThread]static void Main(string[] args){iTunesLib.IiTunes app = null;try{app = new … Continue reading

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