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Concrete Example – Mocking .NET Objects w/NUnit

Geoff Lane does a very good job of explaining .NET Mock objects. People were requesting a “concrete” example so I implemented an example C# console application (although this can easily be made into an ASP.NET web application). Geoff hints to … Continue reading

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Side by Side – IE8, IE6, IE5.5, IE5, IE4.01, & IE3

Running IE8 on your computer? The included developer tools are great. Need to switch to IE7 mode? No problem using IE8. But what about IE6, IE5.5, IE5, IE4.01, and IE3? Here is a free multiple installer you can use. And … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2008 Justification

There are two primary justifications for my company’s latest purchase of Visual Studio 2008 Professional – 1. The ability to “target” previous .NET versions.2. The integrated unit testing. While we still have not setup the automatic builds (command line)… and … Continue reading

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VB.NET InternalsVisibleTo

Unfortunately, the InternalsVisibleTo attribute does not work with the .NET 2.0 Framework for VB.NET. However, I just installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1 Beta and it works! Thanks Microsoft for making my NUnit testing a little easier (and cleaner). … Continue reading

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