Using Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework with MySQL

Unfortunately, this week’s Using Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework with MySQL Webinar is being postponed to Tuesday November 4, 2008. Myself and many others are looking forward to some (if not all) entity framework support. It seems that I check the mySQL dev forum daily for updates.

The myDirect.NET product offers support for the ADO.NET Entity Framework with a commercial license fee.

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Visual Studio 2008 Justification

There are two primary justifications for my company’s latest purchase of Visual Studio 2008 Professional –

1. The ability to “target” previous .NET versions.
2. The integrated unit testing.

While we still have not setup the automatic builds (command line)… and we still utilize NAnt… the integrated unit testing feature of Visual Studio 2008 rocks. Sure there are alternatives (we still have some projects with NUnit testing)… and various mocking frameworks, however the ability to “right click” create unit test/private accessor is very productive for us.

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VB.NET InternalsVisibleTo

Unfortunately, the InternalsVisibleTo attribute does not work with the .NET 2.0 Framework for VB.NET. However, I just installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1 Beta and it works! Thanks Microsoft for making my NUnit testing a little easier (and cleaner).

To reproduce:

Create a VB.NET class library named ClassLibrary1. Add a single class with only a friend constructor. Add the following attribute to AssemblyInfo.vb:

Assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo("ClassLibrary2")

Add another VB.NET class library named ClassLibrary2. Add a project reference to ClassLibrary1. Verify that you are able to construct an instance of the above class.

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mySql ASP.NET Membership and Role Provider

The mySql.Web.dll is a great addition to the mySql Connector for .NET. In order to utilize one must create (and use) a mySql user (localhost) with select, insert, update, delete, create, drop, and alter privileges.

Quickly running ASP.NET Configuration Web Site Administration Tool helps to set up and initialize all of the tables.

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Finding Primary Key Violations

Recently I’ve been processing lots of legacy DBase files into Sql Server 2005 via SqlBulkCopy.

However, before I import the records (tens of thousands) there is a need to find, then handle the legacy DBase records that will cause a Sql Server primary key violation (if any).

Karen Gayda’s solution works like a charm:

IMPORTANT: SqlBulkCopy has a column mapper feature. However, only key columns should be included in select parameter – @vcSelectStatement. If source table columns are named differently than in the target then they must be aliased with the same name as the target. These restrictions were necessary to make the procedure generic.

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Efficient Role-Based Authorization in ASP.NET

Efficient Role-Based Authorization in ASP.NET by Fritz Onion and Craig Andera is a good article. I know its a bit “old”, but its still relevant and worth the read for any serious ASP.NET developer.

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Google Reader Search Capability

I logged into my Google Reader account and noticed the new search feature!

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